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Plush Eye Mask

Plush Eye Mask

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🌙 Designed to block out unwanted light, our eye mask creates a peaceful and dark environment for restful sleep anytime, anywhere.

💤 The gentle pressure of our eye mask soothes tired eyes, relieving strain and promoting relaxation after a long day.

🎈 Featuring an adjustable strap, our eye mask provides a customized fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

💎 Crafted from plush materials with attention to detail, our eye mask exudes luxury and elegance for a truly indulgent experience.

🚫 To preserve the plushness and integrity of the materials, our eye mask should be gently hand washed and air dried.

🌼 Using our eye mask encourages self-care and prioritizing your well-being, reminding you to take moments of relaxation.

🌞Perfect for shift workers or anyone with irregular sleep schedules, our eye mask helps create a dark environment for daytime sleep.

🤕 The soothing warmth and darkness provided by our eye mask can help alleviate headaches and migraines


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How do I clean my plush eye mask?

We recommend hand washing your plush eye mask with mild soap and water. Let it air dry completely before using again.

Can I use the eye mask if I wear glasses?

Yes, our eye mask is designed to be comfortable for glasses wearers. The plush material ensures there's no pressure on your glasses.

Is the eye mask suitable for travel?

Absolutely! Our plush eye mask is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for travel, whether by plane, train, or car.

Is the eye mask suitable for all head sizes?

Yes, our eye mask features an adjustable elastic strap to accommodate various head sizes.

Can I heat or cool the eye mask?

Yes, you can. Simply microwave the eye mask for gentle heat therapy or place it in the freezer for a while for cooling relief.

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