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Retexes™ Swimmers Brace

Retexes™ Swimmers Brace

Struggling with shoulder pain? The Retexes™ Swimmers Brace will eliminate symptoms of of shoulder pain within minutes of putting it on.
⭐Is it made only for swimmers shoulder? No, our brace is good for a variety of issues like Frozen Shoulder, Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Injury, and Arthritis.
✅How long should I wear it? Continuous wear for about 2-4 hours a day is what we recommend. Although you should always do what's best for your comfort.
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The brace is adjustable to fit anyone.
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Repair Your Shoulder Faster Than Ever..

The swimmer's brace plays an extremely vital role in managing pain and discomfort in your shoulder…

The thing is, offering support and stability in the right way is the most crucial part in giving the recovery you need.

The compression used pushes your glenoid labrum into a fixed area promoting blood flow and oxygen causing vasodilation which enhances the healing process exponentially.

This also keeps your shoulder in a fixed range of motion preventing harmful movements that would in turn further injure the shoulder.

Unlike expensive therapies and medications that simply put a band aid on the pain that's doomed to return.. This gives you an effective, life long and affordable solution that will actually heal your shoulder in the way you need.

Is Swimming Still An Option For Me?

Nothings worse than having an injury that stops you from enjoying your daily routine right?

Your body’s inflammatory agents are the reason for the pain you feel..

The Compression boosts blood flow in the area and reduces the production of these inflammatory agents.

So yes, you can still swim because our brace acts as an anti inflammatory tool that reduces swelling and supports your muscles and tendons throughout strokes preventing you from further injury.

You need something that compresses your shoulder in the right way so you don't worsen this debilitating issue which could lead to permanent damage.

Its sleek design gives you that option of usability and effectiveness without getting in the way of your daily activities.

Increase Your Strength And Mobility

Using our swimmers brace not only speeds up recovery and offers an effectively permanent solution but it also increases your strength and mobility..

The resistance offered is slight yet the perfect amount designed to make your muscles work harder.

It effectively strengthens the shoulder during training and teaches your muscles to work in a way that won't cause injury. 

Overall improving your performance by strengthening weak structures in the shoulder and arm while also rehabilitating an existing injury.

When a part of your shoulder becomes inflamed it significantly reduces joint mobility because of the onset of pain.

The compression offered acts as an anti inflammatory pretty much completely relieving the pain caused by inflamed tendons and muscles.

This essentially brings back the vigor in joint mobility and in fact strengthens your arm as a whole.

You may still be feeling some doubts.

You may be concerned with the overall fit, effectiveness, durability, medical standpoint or even the price itself.

The brace is completely designed to work around all these limitations. Our medical professionals recommend this brace to anyone that has these issues..

We're here to ensure you’re happy and content with your purchase. If you ever have questions or concerns you can always email us at

Remember, we always offer our 30 day money back guarantee to ensure you’re confident in the money you spend. What does this mean exactly?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the pain relief and healing this brace offers we will give all of your money back.. Can't get better than that right? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear the swimmers brace while swimming?

Absolutely! This brace is designed specifically for swimmers, providing support and stability during your swim sessions.

Will this brace restrict my range of motion while swimming?

Not at all! This brace is designed to provide support without limiting your movement, allowing you to swim freely and comfortably.

How tight should I wear this swimmers compression brace?

It should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. You want enough compression to support your shoulder without restricting movement.

How long does it take to feel the effects of the brace?

Many users experience immediate relief and support when wearing the brace, but individual results may vary. Consistent use over time often yields the best results.

Is this brace a good gift for my swimming friends?

Absolutely! Many swimmers would appreciate the added support and comfort this brace provides, making it an excellent gift choice.

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